The majority, hapless proletariats, are united in suffering, and empowered by information. The minority, all-powerful bourgeoisies, are too drunk with their loot yet armed with invincible financial muscles.

A war, not ever witnessed before in this part of the world, has just begun! Who will win? Will JOHN survive the ugly wrath unleashed by this well-organized army of children of the evil? Will Kenya be liberated? Will Kenyans sing a new song of freedom after 66 years of enslavement by fellow Africans?

This is not a love story; neither is it a story about love… The UglyBeautiful Tale of a Stupid, Stupid Heart is a story, fictitious and real yet imaginatively recounted and recreated anew, about living a lie, a day at a time until death suddenly, fiercely shuts its dark door of mercy, and tramples one upon the vast emptiness. 

The book explains how successive regimes helped plant a seed of animosity betweenthe two Sabaot sub tribes, watered it, and pruned its branches until its fruition stage. 

When dispirited for one reason or the other, poetry can be an ideal solace…a perfect source of comfort that can ignite your heart, light a smile on your sad face, uplift your soul, and bring tears of joys in your eyes. Through poetry, we make known our innermost desires, fears, hopes, fantasies and at times, our skewed and wicked intentions. We let bare a cobweb of frustrations and surrender our all to the ever seemingly invincible might of fate.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that I have compiled this collection of my both previously published (ONLINE Via multiple sites), and unpublished poems. 

There exists a very thin line between hatred and love, between death and life, between sorrow and happiness. It is a beautiful thing to love (truthfully), and a terrible experience to lose the love of your life. This collection of seven short stories and an epistle is a gift to those, who like me, have lost a loved one, and are struggling to let go, and surge forward meaningfully. 

They will remind you of those heartaches, those overstretched nights, those betrayals, those tears, those precious moments, and some, rest assured, will light a smile in your sad face, uplift your soul, and ignite your dispirited heart.