The majority, hapless proletariats, are united in suffering and empowered by information. The minority, the all-powerful bourgeoisie, are too drunk with their loot yet armed with invincible financial muscles. A war, not ever witnessed before in this part of the world, has just begun!

Who will win? Will JOHN survive the ugly wrath unleashed by this well-organized army of children of the evil? Will Kenya be liberated? Will Kenyans sing a new song of freedom after 66 years of enslavement by fellow Africans?



The year is 2030. A mysterious, rogue and notorious Committee X has hijacked Kenya, defiled The Kenya Constitution 2010, grabbed forests, parks, and whole counties, legalize prostitution, is openly cultivating coca, poppies, and cannabis Sativa, and has stolen every coin from Central Bank…inflation rates are skyrocketing, unemployment rates are off the roof, the Shilling value is nose-diving, teachers, nurses, doctors, security personnel among others are either on strike or on a go-slow.

An Enemy of the State (a Computer Wizard called JOHN with the help of agitated pro-status quo elements, diehard patriots, and JEFFRY, The American Ambassador to Kenya) is poisoning the masses via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The masses are fast becoming informed, and are thus poised to unseat the puppet regime answerable to this mysterious Committee X, and inherently directly responsible for their woes.

Committee X holds a Crisis Meeting to deliberate on the way forward: they must eliminate their major threat or risk losing all they have worked for so hard. However, not every member of Committee X is keen on rooting out the main threat facing them…

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